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Lakefront Milwaukee, WI


Thank you very much for sending Alex out. He did an outstanding job and was a pleasure to meet. Thanks for letting me “hold one end”. It was a nice way to spend a few hours. He really did a great job. The camber of the ship’s deck looks great!

Thanks again Erik. You run a fine company.

Ben and Susan Zarwell

Shorewood, WI

We bought a fairly common Milwaukee bungalow in the summer of 2007, and CBR has helped us make it into an uncommonly wonderful place.The most dramatic work was a full gut kitchen and full bath remodel, a huge project that we initially found daunting given its scope and expense, and even thought about putting off. However, a colleague of mine raved about the new porch and kitchen remodel that CBR had done on her turn of the century home, so we went ahead and called.

From the very first consultation, I knew that Erik and Todd, and Marie from Kitchens by Marie, were ideal partners and craftsmen for the project. They were very communicative, straightforward, and responsive. No question we asked was too inane or bothersome. At all stages, we were consulted to make sure we understood exactly what was happening and we were continually asked for our input. For example, when it was time to attach the cabinet pulls, placing the pull on the pantry door in a similar place as the rest of the cabinets would have meant that we would have to bend slightly to open the door. Todd left a note asking what mattered most to us: symmetry or practicality? There were hundreds of such moments all throughout the process: it was clear they wanted us happy, and believed that we knew best just what it would take to make that happen.

All of the contractors were careful to keep the house as clean as they could, and they took care to lay out all of our options in a clear, easy-to-understand format when inevitable challenges were encountered. Most people think of a big remodeling project as a big headache, but one of my notes to Erik and Todd during the project reads: “I’d like to send you guys off to the Caribbean on a fully staffed yacht. I cannot believe everything you’ve done in a few mere days. The sheer scope of the transformation that takes place from when we leave in the morning to when we come home at night is impressive in both the volume and quality of work. Thank you. You guys rock!” And now, months after the completion, in every detail of our new kitchen and bath–from carefully set tile to absolutely level cabinet doors to little miracles of functionality throughout–we are incredibly satisfied.

The phrase “thoughtful craftsmen” could not be more accurate to describe their work. Because it was so obvious they care deeply about doing a job well, thoroughly, efficiently, and with the nature of the home firmly in mind, it was a no-brainer to call them to take care of less glamorous fix-it jobs too: repatching masonry on our porch posts, fixing loose siding, repairing a rapidly ailing garage wall. Just as we have our own physicians, our house has its own experts too, and we wouldn’t trust it to anyone else.

We love the work CBR does!

Steven R. Duback

Quarles & Brady L.L.P.


CBR has been a wonderful resource for me through the years when it comes to my old East side Milwaukee home. When I need any kind of help I always start with Erik Lindberg and Todd Hill at CBR. If they know how to do it I hire them, even for small projects where they will bill me by the hour. If they don’t have the expertise to handle the matter they will refer me to someone who has the requisite expertise (e.g. masonry work). The quality of their work is excellent, and if something is not just right they will make it so. My experience is that they really care about getting things just right. They’re not the cheapest but they’re the best. Funny how those two things almost always go together.

Denise Crawley & Anne Hefter

West Milwaukee, WI

We love our new walk in closet and full bathroom! It is nice to have a whole new space. People are shocked when they see pictures that this is in our basement. The walls you made are so nice that now we even have a family room – on the opposite side of the bathroom that was unexpected. We have art up and real wood trim and it is just beautiful. I love having a heated floor in my basement. It is toasty and a place of refuge in what was an unused space.

It was even nicer to have those that work for you have something intelligent to say. The staff at Community Building & Restoration really are Thoughtful Craftsmen. They are smart people doing quality work. I appreciated that when Todd was at my house he listens to NPR rather than 

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