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New Shop-built Wood Storm Windows!

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Homeowners, Happy Holidays! We are pleased to announce our new shop-built wood storm windows! There’s a little bit of a story behind this: for many years we’ve been installing Marvin wood combination storm windows.  They resemble old-fashioned wood storms and screens and are approved by historic preservation commissions; but they also have…
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The Race to the Bottom

The best way to insure a long-lasting paint job is to remove the paint down to bare wood. That way you might get a job that lasts 15, even 20 years. But this can be a hard sell, as this sort of prep takes more time. In fact, standard paint pricing has been set by…
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Introducing our new donation program with Habitat for Humanity

Old home restoration is our passion and a well-maintained housing stock is an important part of a community’s abundance.  We’d like to see every pre WWII home in Milwaukee restored to its original beauty and function, and believe everyone has a right to a pleasant living space.  But there’s only so much we can do…
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Tune and Repair Your Windows

My Windows are Old. I Need to Replace Them Right? NO! Occasionally there are good reasons to replace old windows.  But most can be repaired, restored, and tuned-up so that they operate smoothly and keep the cold air out, allowing you to maintain the original look of your home. But What About Energy Savings? In this…
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5 Reasons to Love Your Built-in Gutters and Treat Them Right

Built-in gutters are wide enough to handle the high volumes of water that a large roof will produce. Built-in gutters are far less likely to clog with leaves and need cleaning. They are more open than external gutters without those leaf-trapping brackets. Wind alone will often clean out fallen leaves. *A built-in gutter lined with…
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Our Approach to Painting

We’ve noticed that a lot of other painting companies have added something to their name in the past few years: “__________& Restoration.” We have wondered if this was thought up by the marketing department or the production department. After looking at some of the work (and repairing some as well), we’re guessing that restoration may…
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