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New Shop-built Wood Storm Windows!

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Homeowners,

Happy Holidays!

We are pleased to announce our new shop-built wood storm windows!

There’s a little bit of a story behind this: for many years we’ve been installing Marvin wood combination storm windows.  They resemble old-fashioned wood storms and screens and are approved by historic preservation commissions; but they also have the convenience of a storm and screen in one unit.  To achieve ventilation all you have to do is push two buttons and slide the glass up—no ladders, no storage, no fragile inserts to pull in and out.

For almost as many years, we’ve wondered whether we could produce as good a product in-house, so that we could construct them more quickly, using better lumber, creating more local jobs to boot.


This curiosity became more urgent, recently, as Marvin began to experience supply-chain problems, pushing the lead-time out as much as four months.  At the same time, we noticed a few cosmetic imperfections that we would have to fix prior to installation.  We wondered if the quality was on a decline.



So we started researching, examining, and thinking a lot about what “as good a product” would look like.  Well it turns out that we’ve come up with what we think is a better storm window.


By paying a little more for Douglas Fir (rather than pine) we achieve additional rot resistance, and give them a factory-quality paint job, after fitting them, prior to final installation.  We’ve also tweaked the appearance, making them resemble old-fashioned storms even more closely.

Additionally, we make arch-tops, fixed storms and screens, and a one-lite combination storm (no misplaced cross-piece) for casement windows.

We are happy to announce our new line of custom-made, locally shop-built storm windows.  You can expect quick service, high-levels of craftsmanship, with priming, painting, and installation performed by the same people who make the storms and who have been restoring the old homes of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee area.

Call us for a consultation and to see a sample of this new self-storing wood combination storm/screen window.  We are awfully proud of these windows and are sure you will see why.


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